wulabing Xray onekey

Here is a quick way to install Xray with Nginx in front with the VLESS + TCP + TLS + Nginx + WebSocket configuration.

Use the server-side script from https://github.com/wulabing/Xray_onekey.

Follow the instructions for Nginx in front in the README.md file under the subheading 安装/更新方式(Nginx 前置).

Reply to the prompts as follows:

  1. When the main menu appears, choose option 1 to install Xray.
  2. Enter your domain name information (e.g. www.wulabing.com).
  3. When asked if you want to configure camouflaged web pages [Y/N], put y for yes.
  4. When asked to enter a port number (default: 443), press Enter to select the default of port 443.